Bulk Size Shatter 28G

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Bulk Size Shatter 28G

Train wreck

Crazy Glue


Death Star


Lindsay OG

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Shatter is an extremely potent extraction of THC from flowers that has a high concentration of THC. BHO (Butane Hash Oil) is created under rigorous conditions to create a clean byproduct through a process called Solvent Extraction. By mixing the flowers with a solvent (the most common being Butane) it is then extracted by filtering and evaporating the solvent, a sticky resinous liquid with terpenes and a strong herbal odor remains. The BHO is then created by purging the sticky resinous residue that removes the solvent leaving a pure oil which often is stable under stable temperatures called shatter itself. The BHO contains a very high amount of THC as the plant matter is completely extracted from the flowers itself and only the “high” THC part of the plant is left.

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Train wreck, Crazy Glue, Violator, Death Star, Dosido, Lindsay OG


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